My Hobby Info is a free system designed to make it easier to manage your scale model kit stash and do price comparisons on scale model kits you're looking to buy. Use the information tabs below to learn more about the system tools and capabilities and join our growing community of 2,052 registered users today!

My Hobby Info's databases contain 29,104 scale model kits from 407 manufacturers across the Aircraft, Armored Vehicles, Autos, Figures, Ships, and Diorama categories with a matching catalog of 19,338 prices from online retailers. Use the Price Spy, Wish List, and other tools to compare before you buy to get the best deal.

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agent Hot 20 Latest Kits

Stay up to date on all the latest kits with an MHI account to access additional Latest Kit news by genre via the My Latest Info page.

  Date Kit Details Kit Title  
7096 Mar 24, 2016 Aires Hobby Models 1/72

7496 Mar 24, 2016 AZ Model 1/72
Messerschmitt Bf 109G-2

HB02 Mar 24, 2016 Caesar Miniatures 1/72

7055X Mar 24, 2016 Eduard 1/72

7427 Mar 24, 2016 Eduard 1/72

72081 Mar 24, 2016 Kopro 1/72
Skoda D.1

917 Mar 24, 2016 Lindberg 1/48
Bristol Bulldog

3505 Mar 24, 2016 Masterbox 1/35
Separate track for models: PZ1 Ausf B

35178 Mar 24, 2016 Masterbox 1/35
German Motorcyclists, WWII era

35112 Mar 24, 2016 Miniart 1/35
GAZ-AAA Fsmily eheels set: BA-3/6/10

Ot2-14 Mar 24, 2016 Otaki 1/48
Ki-44 Tojo

Ot2-9-500 Mar 24, 2016 Otaki 1/48
J2M Raiden /jack

35087 Mar 24, 2016 Other/OOP 1/35
Tracteur Federal 94X43C (1942/1945)

35088 Mar 24, 2016 Other/OOP 1/35
Semi-remorque 5 tons (1943/1945)

5003 Mar 24, 2016 Other/OOP 1/35
Tiger I

7211 Mar 24, 2016 Other/OOP 1/72
Polikarpov R-5

80607 Mar 24, 2016 Other/OOP 1/350
USS Arizona

C38 Mar 24, 2016 Other/OOP 1/72

4996 Mar 24, 2016 Revell Germany 1/48
Sepecat Jaguar GR.1A

4060 Mar 24, 2016 Revell/Monogram 1/144
F-4E Phantom II

agent Latest New Prices

Want to stay up to date on prices as the MHI system updates? Create an account and receive email alerts whenever a price is added or updated for items on your Wish List.

Click on Price Check to compare the listed price to other available prices using the Price Spy tool.

  Date Added Kit Details Kit Title Retailer Price  
3543 Mar 26, 2015 Dragon 1/35
UH-1N Israeli 'Anafa' Helicopter w/Paratroopers Dragon USA $38.00 USD

L4817 Jul 11, 2014 Great Wall Hobby (Lion Roar) 1/48
F-15C MSIP II Dragon USA $89.99 USD

25002 Jul 11, 2014 Ebbro 1/24
Renault 4L Lucky Model $44.99 USD

5051 Jul 10, 2014 Bronco 1/350
USS San Antonio LPD-17 Sprue Brothers $135.99 USD

48004 Jul 10, 2014 Bronco 1/48
Russian Self-Propelled Gun SU-152 (KV-14) April 1943 Production Sprue Brothers $42.49 USD

35065 Jul 10, 2014 Bronco 1/35
Pzkpfw 35(t) Sprue Brothers $51.49 USD

AB3567 Jul 10, 2014 Bronco 1/35
WWII British Airborne Weapon & Equipment Set Sprue Brothers $37.99 USD

3014 Jul 10, 2014 Dragon 1/35
French Foreign Legion Sprue Brothers $11.49 USD

25170 Jul 10, 2014 Tamiya 1/72
Mitsubishi A6M2b Zero Fighter (Zeke) Limited Edition Lucky Model $15.99 USD

32408 Jul 10, 2014 Tamiya 1/35
German 7.62cm Pak36(r) North Africa Scenery Set Lucky Model $24.99 USD

25175 Jul 10, 2014 Tamiya 1/35
US Medium Tank M4A3E8 Sherman Easy Eight w/4 Figures Lucky Model $36.99 USD

12051 Jul 10, 2014 Tamiya 1/12
Nissan Fairlady 240ZG Street Custom Lucky Model $109.99 USD

SPS-017 Jul 10, 2014 Meng Model 1/35
M3A3 Bradley w/BUSK III Interior Set Lucky Model $18.99 USD

SS-006 Jul 10, 2014 Meng Model 1/35
M3A3 Bradley w/BUSK III US Cavalry Fighting Vehicle Lucky Model $30.99 USD

35285 Jul 10, 2014 AFV Club 1/35
Churchill TLC Type A w/Carpet Laying Devices Lucky Model $44.99 USD

B48005 Jul 10, 2014 Xuntong Model 1/48
DB-3F/IL-4/IL-4T Soviet Long Range Bomber Lucky Model $32.99 USD

0056 Jul 10, 2014 Roden 1/72
Fairchild C-123B Provider Lucky Model $39.99 USD

20263 Jul 09, 2014 Hasegawa 1/24
Ford Focus RS WRC 04 '2004 Rally Deutschland' Dragon USA $46.74 USD

10808 Jul 09, 2014 Hasegawa 1/200
KC-767 World Tanker Combo Dragon USA $46.74 USD

08237 Jul 09, 2014 Hasegawa 1/32
Messerschmit Me 262 Nachtjager Prototype Dragon USA $63.74 USD



agent Build a Better Stash

Every scale model builder has a "stash" regardless of whether it is the next scale model kit that they are looking to build or if it is a closet full of scale model kits collected over the years that might get built "'someday!" The hobby has witnessed an explosion in new scale model kits, aftermarket items, and more across all genres. New scale model kits are announced constantly along with all sorts of goodies to make them better.

Keeping track of everything in the stash can be a daunting task and My Hobby Info offers powerful tools to help the scale modeler manage their kit and accessory inventories as well as flag kits for potential future purchases. The online tools are accessible from any web-enabled device through the use of standard login and password account access. Creating an account is fast, simple, and free! Just click on the Register button above to establish an account and get started right away.

Once you have an account you will be able to:

  • Stay up to date on new scale model kit releases and updates by genre with the My Latest Info feature.

  • Manage your Wish List to include new scale model kits of interest before they are released as well as those must-have kits to add in the future.

  • Receive automatic email alerts when new prices are added or existing prices are updated based on the scale model kits saved in your Wish List and compare them with the Price Spy.

  • Use the Kit Search and Catalog Browser features to find available scale model kits of your subject of interest and desired scale. Quickly add items to your Stash Lists or Wish Lists with the click of a button to track and manage things efficiently.

  • Take control and whip your Stash into shape using the Wish List and Stash Lists to track what you've already got and what scale model kits you want to acquire for the future including associated after-market addons and accessories. Create multiple Stash Lists to organize things however you see fit for ultimate customization. Use the Completed Kits feature to track your completed projects for end-to-end reference. Easily track and manage your references library with My Books.

  • Take advantage of the Price Spy to find scale model kits from online retailers at the best prices by comparing them side-by-side and manage future scale model purchases quickly and easily. Use the Price Spy as a benchmark to compare prices for online auctions, show prices, or sales discounts to ensure you're always getting the best deal.

Looking for more information on these tools? Use the detail tabs and FAQ to learn more about their features and how to put them to use so you too can "Build a Better Stash!"

agent My Dashboard

Stay up-to-date with the most recent scale model kits added to the My Hobby Info databases by genre and see at a glance a summary of your stash information. Quckly and easily add new items to your scale model kit Wish List and access your MHI Friends, Wish List, Stash Lists, Stash Kits, Aftermarket, Completed Kits, and My Books using the available Quick Links shortcuts.



agent Kit Search & Catalog Browser

Looking for just the right scale model kit of a particular subject can be a challenge. My Hobby Info maintains a database of 29,104 scale model kits from 407 scale model manfacturers and the Kit Search tool incorporates flexible search by Genre, Scale, Manufacturer, Kit #, Kit Name or Keyword, and Nationality or any combination to find just the kit you're looking for.


For a wider range of possibilities, the Catalog Browser tool organizes known scale model kits into catalogs by scale model manufacturer or brand. Browse through 1,237 different catalogs from your favorite manufacturers that includes current as well as older kit releases.

The Catalog Browser is available as a stand-alone tool as well as integrated in with the Stash Manager and Price Spy to make it easy to find the kit you're looking for even if you don't know all the specifics or are just looking to "window shop" for inspiration!


agent Price Spy

Nothing beats getting the scale model kit you want for the best possible price and the Price Spy Search located under the Main Desk menu helps you do just that. The Price Spy is present throughout many of the My Hobby Info pages and features, giving you one-click access to available prices on kits of interest and provide benchmark information on kits you may already have in your Stash.

My Hobby Info's price database currently maintains 19,338 individual prices in 437 different price catalogs from the following online retailers:

The Price Spy Search function allows you to search for scale model kits by Scale, Genre, Manufacturer, Retailer, Kit #, Kit Name or Keyword, Price Range, or any combination to help you find the right scale model kit at the right price before you buy.

Use any web-enabled devide to quickly check prices on the go and compare before you give in to the impulse of adding 'just one more' to the Stash!


Price results are ranked from lowest to highest based on the available price information in the price databases*. Options to add the kit to your Wish List for later consideration or purchase and to do a quick stash check to ensure you aren't picking up a duplicate in the heat of a 'bargain sale' moment are added features. The Price Spy also serves as a 'benchmark' tool to help compare prices from auction sites or your local hobby shop or show vendor table. Make sure you're getting the best deal before your bid or buy!


*Retailers can and do change their prices at any time (such as through special sales, discounts, or mark-downs) and retailer site prices should always prevail for purchase decisions. My Hobby Info strives to keep its price information current and any discrepancy in actual price listings on the retailer's site does not constitute an effort to mislead or misrepresent by My Hobby Info. My Hobby Info does not facilitate any sales transactions and the price details are provided as comparsion information only. My Hobby Info does not guarantee that the retailer will have any items in stock or available at the listed price.

agent Stash Manager

Stash Manager comprises a suite of features that allows the user to exercise full and flexible control over their individual Stash inventory of scale model kits, accessories, and books. Customize your stash organization through the use of Stash Lists, identify scale model kits that you already have in your Stash, and manage your aftermarket accessories effectively by categorizing or assigning them in whatever way you see fit based on your needs. Track and manage your reference library using the My Books features. There are no size restrictions on your customized Stash Manager, allowing even the largest of stashes to be managed effectively.

Access your Stash info from anywhere, anytime with any web-enabled device or export to Excel to create offline lists for reference or printing. Keep track of when you purchased items and how much you paid as an option to value your stash or collection for future reference.

agent Stash Manager: Lists

Stash Manager allows you to create as many lists as you want to organize your kits and associated aftermarket items for tracking and management. List management is simple and easy, allowing you to view the contents of each list with a simple click. A minimum of one list is required to create a Stash in the system, after that the sky is the limit!


agent Stash Manager: Kits

Adding scale model kits to your Stash List is a simple process after you've created at least one Stash List. Lookup the scale model kit in the My Hobby Info databases for single kit entry or use the Catalog Browser or Kit Search to add items quickly working from a list and, with a simple click, add it to one of your Stash Lists. Easily move kits from one list to another if you need to reorganize or manage things differently to customize what works best for you. Track when you bought your scale model kits and how much you paid as additional options. If you're into buying multiple kits of the same subject, Stash Manager includes a Quantity option to track them as a single item versus multiple individual items depending on your preference.



Stash Manager includes an A-to-Z Kit List feature that lets you see all of your scale model kit lists together in one place as a global inventory option while still organizing things separately based on your preference.

All lists can be exported to Excel for download to your computer with the simple click of a button for maximum portabililty, printing, or manipulation without altering the information in the My Hobby Info system in the process.


agent Wish List

The Wish List feature is present throughout the My Hobby Info system and allows you to add scale model kits of interest to your list with the simple click of a button. Easily keep track of which new or already available scale model kits you want to add to your Stash, use the Price Spy to quickly check prices on them without having to do new searches, and add them to your Stash with one click when you make the acquisition or remove the item with one click if you decide not to get it after all. Export your Wish List to Excel for easy offline use and manipulation or to send as a file via email.

Adding items to your Wish List will also include you in the automatic email notices when new prices or updated prices are added into the Price Spy for your specific Wish List kit. These notices can be turned on or off easily at any time under your Profile settings using the 'Notify by Email When Wishlist Prices Update' checkbox.


agent Stash Manager: Completed Kits

Documenting your Completed Kits is also possible within the Stash Manager. Kits can be added to the Completed Kits list via simple buttons in the Stash Manager or by using the Add Completed Kit feature from the Stash Manager menu.

The Completed Kits lists your kits by their finish date so you can easily see the history of your building efforts. Add your own customized notes or comments as well to keep track of important details related to the project or build. Completed Lists can also be exported via Excel for maximum portability and management.



agent Stash Manager: Aftermarket

Managing your scale model kit aftermarket accessory items is also possible with the Stash Manager using a free-form approach that does not require aftermarket items to be cataloged beforehand. Aftermarket items can be linked to a specific scale model kit by "assigning" it to a specific kit to make it easier to track what belongs where for future projects. Items that have multiple uses or are not meant for a specific kit can be organized as "Unassigned" items and assigned to kits later if you so desire. Assigned items can be unassigned or reassigned at any time, the choice is yours!

With the Aftermarket section of the Stash Manager, you have maximum flexibility to organize and manage this 'secondary' stash so you never have to wonder what scale model kit exactly you bought that photo etch set, decal sheet, track set, or resin upgrade for!

Just like the Stash Lists, all Aftermarket lists can be exported to Excel for maximum portability and management.



agent Stash Manager: My Books

For users who also collect reference materials, documenting and managing your reference library is also possible within the Stash Manager using the My Books list feature. Quickly and easily add books with the Add Books feature using a simple free-form approach that gives you the flexibility on entering in information on the title, author(s), publisher, and other important details as well as make notes/comments for your own use. Different pre-sorted view options are provided to allow you to see your Books list in a variety of ways and export them to Excel for offline use or manipulation.




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agent General FAQ

What genres does My Hobby Info have information on?

Currently the system supports Aircraft, Armor, Autos, Figures, and Ships as well as limited information on Diorama items. Additional genres and scales may be made available in the future as the site expands based on user demand and growth in the hobby.

What types of kit items does My Hobby Info have information on in the databases?

Currently the system focuses on standard plastic kits that are available from established brands or were produced by established brands in the past. Some multimedia or resin brands that have full kit lines are also included but the main focus is on plastic kits.

The system does not currently include catalog information on aftermarket suppliers for things like photo-etch, resin add-ons or conversion sets, decals, or similar accessories due to the sheer complexity and number of items involved for those product types. While these are not cataloged, users can still use the Aftermarket section under the Stash Manager menu to create lists and manage their aftermarket and addon items effectively.  

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agent Price Info FAQ

What currency are the retailer prices provided in?

A 'default' currency is set for each online retailer depending on the country in which they are located and all prices for that retailer are in the same currency unless otherwise noted. Some retailers allow users to choose a currency designation to automatically convert prices for different currencies but that is based on spot exchange rates which vary constantly.

The Price Spy information includes the standard currency symbol appropriate for the country where possible and also uses the standard three-letter currency code (such as USD for American dollars or GBP for British pounds, EUR for European euros, etc.) to indicate the appropriate currency. Always check with a particular retailer if there is any doubt as to the currency used for their prices on your particular purchase.

Does the My Hobby Info price information include shipping?

No. Each online retailer has different policies on order sizes, sales, special discounts, etc. that aren't always published or constant depending on your order. As a result, all of the price information provided is strictly the "listed" price and does not include shipping or handling charges or other fees or discounts that the retailer may apply.

When I went to the actual retailer's site, the price there didn't match what was on the My Hobby Info system. Which one is right?

The retailer's site price should always be consided the 'final' price for your purchase consideration. Retailers can and do alter their prices without notice or special indication and the retailer site's price always prevails. My Hobby Info does not currently have real-time connections to supplier price information and strives to keep the price information in the database as current as possible as an informational reference but discrepancies are inevitable as a result. Some sites also offer 'special' short-term sales or 'members-only' discounts as well that aren't displayed until final checkout and it is not possible for the system to incorporate those types of additional price information or discounts at this time.

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agent Account Info FAQ

How do I create an account?

Creating an account is simple and free. Use the Register button at the top of the page to access the registration page. Fill out the registration form and your account is created in seconds and you can get started right away. Once you have registered, an email will be sent to the address you provided as part of the registration with a copy of your login credentials for reference.

The registration form says my email account is already in use, how do I fix that?

Double check that you've entered your email account accurately. If you still are receiving the error, try using a different email account or Contact Us to see about resolving the issue. The system will not allow multiple users to share a single email address for privacy and security reasons.

When I am registering an account, the page doesn't show the Security Code box for the code I need to complete the form. How can I register without that code?

The Secuirty Code is a script plug-in and your web browser settings may be preventing it from loading. Check your pop-up blocking settings and allow pop-ups for the site. If that does not resolve the issue, please Contact Us to see about setting up an account manually.

I've forgotten my password, how can I get into my account?

Use the Forgot Password feature to reset your password. An email will be sent to the email address you provided when you registered your account. Follow the email instructions to reset your password and gain access to your account. If you do this and don't receive the email, check your junk filters or folders. If all of that fails, Contact Us by email.  

How do I change my password or other settings?

After you've created an account, you can change your account settings by using the Profile button on any of the site pages if you're logged in to your account. You can change your password or other settings there at any time. If you've forgotten your password and need to have it reset, use the Forgot Password feature from the Login page to have an email sent with instructions on resetting your password.

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agent Troubleshoot FAQ

When I use the 'return to previous page' option on some areas of the site, my browser says the page has expired. Why is that and how do I get back to the page I was on?

This issue affects only the search results pages of different areas in the site. When a search is submitted, the page submits your criteria to a results page and these results are what is missing when you go back to them using the previous page link. Simply refresh the page (click on the page refresh icon or F5 depending on your browser and settings) and the browser will resubmit your previous search results to pull up the list of results you were working from before. Some browsers like Chrome do this automatically for you while others like IE or FireFox require the manual refresh to get the page reloaded. This is not a bug or problem with the MHI system but is instead a browser feature/limitation. The issue is also limited to only the first page of search results, if you go more than one page into the results, the expiration does not apply when returning to the page via the 'return to previous page' option.

When I clicked on Export to Excel for my Wish List or Stash Manager info, the information in the Excel sheet looked different from what's on the website. Why is that?

The Excel exporter converts the database information into a format that Excel can recognize to create the file as a csv file. Once you have the file on your computer, you can rename, edit, manipulate, etc. the data into whatever format you need for your purposes. The information exported also does not include the photos and is data only.

I want to add a kit to my Stash list but it's not listed in any of the system catalogs. How can I include it in my Stash?

You have two options. 1) You can use the Suggest A Kit feature to suggest a kit be added to the My Hobby Info databases. 2) You can use the OOP/Other option to create a Generic entry and then modify the entry to add that kit to your Stash. Option 1 is preferred as it helps expand the database information that other modelers can use and also makes it easier to track and manage your information throughout the system.

When I tried to delete something in Stash Manager, Wish Lists, or Price Spy I received an error message. What happened?

The system is designed to prevent you from deleting information in one place that is needed or connected to another part of the system. The error you get is the database warning that it can't complete your delete request without creating a conflict or a 'ghost' of disconnected information.

For example if you try to delete a Stash List that has kits or aftermarket items listed under that list, you have to delete the items from the list or move them to another list first before you can delete the List entirely. The same is true for aftermarket items that are assigned to kits. It's a precaution to keep you from accidentally deleting entire lists of things by mistake or rendering your specific information unretrievable. When you encounter that type of error, simply hit your browser's "Back" button to return to a "normal" screen and, of course, don't try to delete that piece of valuable information again without checking the other sub-areas first to avoid the error.

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